SamLab software

The samLab Software runs in Matlab (c) and it has been designed to help in the analysis of very long recordings.

SamLab Software creates a graphical representation of the deployment that is used for visual querying the large database of recordings. This allows to easily navigate through all files of the recording. There are two main features the visualization tool provides: the possibility of representing very long temporal series and the visual identification of seasonal structures.

Although samLab has been created for the analysis of SAMARUC data, it can be used for the analysis of many other comercial acoustic recording devices.

Graphical representation of a deployment (1/3 octave SPL in the 125Hz band)
Automatic detection of Fin Whale pulses

SamLab incorporates several automatic detection algorithms focused on the detection of cetacean species (fin whale pulses, dolphin whistles & echolocation clicks, sperm whale clicks, etc.) as well as on the detection of anthropogenic sounds (detonations, 1/3 octave SPL indicators, etc.)

All the information can be exported in Excel as well as in Matlab proprietary format for posterior analysis.